About us

de_palma_quienes8We believe that experts in Economical Sciences should have an integrated view in order to offer proposals and/or solutions for a better development of business and decision making.

Flexibility and the possibility of gathering working teams according to needs that may arise, are elements present in our services, giving counseling to individuals as well as to small and medium companies, since we have physical and human resources that meet the profile of the task entrusted.

We focus on taxes, that is why we believe that the possibility of anticipating to unforeseen scenarios is more relevant in actual economy dynamics in the Argentine tax system leading to a permanent updating of rules, doctrine and jurisprudence, not only inside the country but abroad as well. Likewise, accounting, local and international auditing laws, financial information laws and labor laws, warn us that scenarios may change constantly and our firm interacts therewith unavoidably.

Furthermore, economy in businesses is related to social environment that surrounds it; Therefore, support to new students, values of social liability in companies and those related to environment, shall always be central goals for us.

Services we offer

  • Taxes
  • Labor affairs
  • Pension affairs
  • Accounting
  • Statements of accounts auditory
  • Trust administration
  • Management control
  • Inventories organization
  • Outsourcing
  • Certified and Technical translations