Working Areas



  • Integral tax analysis in the national, provincial and municipal field
  • Tax settlement in the national, provincial or municipal, according to laws in force.
  • Comparative laws
  • Tax planning
  • Merging processes of multinational companies
  • Fiscal audits and Due Diligence
  • Recovery of fiscal credits of VAT for exporters
  • Revisions of tax compliance. Outsourcing of taxes
  • Doctrine and administrative and judicial jurisprudence analysis
  • Defense of taxpayer in administrative office and settlement of conflicts with fiscal administrations
  • Defense of taxpayer in judicial office. Tax Criminal Regulations
  • Interaction with Law firms

Pension and Labor

  • Payment of salaries of big payrolls
  • Payment of salaries outsourcing
  • Determination of contributions and withholdings according to the law in force
  • Counseling in labor schemes with optimization in social security resources

Management and Accounting

  • Audit of Statements of accounts
  • Accountancy
  • Administrative process and proceedings design. Circuits
  • Management outsourcing
  • Real estate trust management

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